Showtime U.S.A. Fall 2013 Campaign
This is the first of a 3 part series of videos for Showtime U.S.A. I will add them as they are published. Any suggestions from the Behance Community are welcome.
The client is a dance director from St. Augustine Florida. I approached her in the spring about a video campaign to reach the parents of children ages 10 and under. The approach was to interview children and adults about Showtime USA, a children's performing group.
This is the first of three compliations of children answering questions about Shotime USA. It's very candid.
The goal was to encourage new customers, parents of children in the target age group, to sign their children up for this program where children learn to sing, dance, perform, develop social skills, and most importantly build confidence and self-esteem.
These videos were taken with a Nikon DSLR and an iPad 2.
Over a 4 week time period, we released one video at a time on the dance studio's facebook page. The audience, being reletively small for social media, hit a total of 800 views across 5 videos in a one month time period. The posts were viewed largely by showtime cast members's parents. Those views and likes were shared throughout the network via shares and feeds.
These videos were designed to be short, sweet and to the point.
This is the first interview involving adults. Madison is currently a Showtime Cast Member, but her mom tells of their journey to join showtime while Madison was in the target age group.
The elements across all 5 videos are consistent. Once the motion graphics was decided, the editing involved was reletively simple to carry out. The video shoot was conducted over about 5 hours with two cameras (DSLR and iPad), an iPhone as a mic, with the Director and two Assistant Director from showtime, myself, and the Showtime USA Cast Members.
Mike is a long-time Showtime USA Cast Member. His two children are cast members, and he tells of his experience and how the character-building provided in Showtime USA helped shape his adule life.
The project was a success! The Director of Showtime USA did no other advertising for their studio. These videos in conjunction with their established social network Showtime USA exceeded their goals for the age groups 10 and under (there are three: Main Street, Kajun Kids, and Singing Stars).
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